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Montana's State Broadband Website

Montana's State Broadband Website

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Montana Broadband

Connecting Across the Big Sky

Montana Broadband

Connecting Across the Big Sky

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Benefits To Your Community

Public Safety

firefighters Firefighters in the aftermath of a gas line explosion, downtown Bozeman, March 2009

Nearly a decade after the 9/11 tragedy, our first responders still lack a nationwide public safety mobile broadband communications network, even though such a network could improve emergency response and homeland security.

With a nationwide and state public safety broadband wireless network, first responders will be able to send and receive video and data in moments, improving their ability to communicate with each other and the public.


school computer lab

Broadband can provide teachers with tools that allow students to learn the same course material in half the time. The ability to participate in class homework and activities through broadband connections is essential for students to develop the skills to be successful.


doctors talking

Broadband and health IT will transform health care in America and in Montana by simultaneously enabling better outcomes and lowering costs. Broadband and health IT will transform health care, Electronic Health Records and Remote Monitoring.

Civic Engagement

voting booth

Broadband can increase public access to government information and provide new ways for citizens to participate in their democracy and community. Broadband can inform our communities and increase the level of citizen participation to strengthen local communities and the fabric of America's democracy. It can also expand opportunities to weave citizen-based innovation and collaboration into our government.


connecting planet earth

Always-on broadband connections enable e-commerce and 24 hour transactions across the globe. Broadband can allow businesses, workers and communities a way to introduce themselves and their products to new markets and to new opportunities. Rural Montana can sell/purchase and network anytime, anywhere.

Montana Public Libraries

The Montana State Library is investing in the future of communities all across Montana, enhancing its public libraries with the new Library.Next program. Library.Next improves Internet access for the public with faster Web access, more computer stations and Wi-Fi at 43 libraries in Montana. Library.Next provides numerous on-line workshops, like using the Web and how to be safe online. It includes help from Web-savvy librarians on everything from Internet privacy settings to applying for SNAP benefits. Library.Next even includes the WOW mobile Web lab that tours Western Montana.

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