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Connecting Across the Big Sky

Montana Broadband

Connecting Across the Big Sky

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Regional Meetings

With the close of the Montana Broadband Program, the Program Outreach Meetings have also come to a conclusion. They have been a great success, with participants ranging from the private sector to the public sector, nonprofits, to interested citizens having a general interest in broadband and broadband development in Montana.

We have been fortunate to have had a collection of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals helping to make these meetings such worthwhile events. Thank you!

Montana Broadband facilitated regional discussions about broadband around Montana. These discussions helped expand community visions, disseminated technical information about the availability of broadband access, and assisted communities in determining what types of broadband services they would like to have.

Montana Broadband also assisted in developing plans for addressing identified community needs.

 2014 Tribal Summit    •   September 10 & 11 in Helena

The 2014 Broadband Summit was great conference. Thanks to all who participated!

This was the final public event sponsored by the Montana Broadband Program.

2014 Broadband & Tribal Radio   •   April 16th in Billings

2012 Tribal Summit   •   October 29 & 30th in Great Falls

2011 Regional Meeting Final Report

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